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Falkland Islands (malvinas) Post Codes


Barren Island
Beauchene Island
Beaver Island
Bleaker Island
Box Island
Brocken Island
Burnt Island
Carcass Island
Christmas Island
Cow Island
Cross Island
Double Creek Islands
Dry Island
Dyke Island
East Falkland
Eddystone Island
George Island
Golding Island
Great Island
Jason Islands
Keppel Island
Middle Island
New Island
Outer Island
Passage Island
Peat Island
Pebble Island
Philmore Island
Port Patterson
Ruggles Island
Sandbar Island
Saunders Island
Sea Lion Island
Sedge Island
Speedwell Island
Spring Point Island
Staats Island
Swan Island
Tickel Island
Tussac Island
Weddell Island
West Falkland
West Island
West Point Island
West Swan island
Wolfe Island

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